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Default [MH] Michigan Dogman - suggestions needed

My Monster Hunter campaign takes place in Detroit and has so far been bound to the city and surrounding suburbs. This time I'm going to have them travel north for sightings of the Michigan Dogman who only appears once every ten years. This year happens to be the year he appears and with the Solar Eclipse as well I thought what a great idea for the two to come together and this is one of the few times to actually kill the Michigan Dogman. The Solar Eclipse appears like a crescent in upper Michigan and thanks again to the internet and this interactive google map I know the exact times from start to finish of the eclipse.

Start: 17:00 (UTC)
Maximum Eclipse: 18:21
End: 19:40

Subtract four hours for local Eastern Time.

So when the time for the actual deed they have 2 hours and 40 minutes. I may add modifiers to actually killing vs. temporarily banishing the beast the closer/farther away the maximum partial eclipse is.

If they fail the next time to actually kill the beast permanently will be July of 2057 with a Solar Eclipse that would be right over Northern Michigan.

So that is my seed. Everything weirdly fell into place.

I'm still really new at modern setting RPG's and I'm finding it difficult in some aspects to fantasy where everything is a 'dispense of common belief' and there isn't much that I can really screw up.

I was hoping for a few suggestion on building up the suspense, days prior to the eclipse tracking it down, different sightings, etc.

My ideas so far
  • Michigan Dogman is a demonic creature not werewolf
  • farmer spottings, characters make map
  • missing campers-leading to investigations of prior 10 year cycle disappearances
  • Is it just a creature or is it a person as well?

That's about all I have. The new group I have prefer mystery over hack and slash, something which is completely opposite to all my previous gaming as my other group hates to think (sorry guys if you read this) and prefers action. So I'm on virgin territory here.

Any suggestions would be helpful

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