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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: an ongoing thread

How's this?

Corruption is a valid optional specialisation for Streetwise. Most of what it covers can be improved as three separate techniques, which can also be learned for Savoir-Faire. Savoir-Faire techniques are only usable within the area of the Savoir-Faire specialisation.

Bribery (Streetwise or Savoir-Faire (any)). Average, default prerequisite, cannot exceed prerequisite+4.

This allows you to estimate how much a bribe needs to be for the person in question, for the desired effect. It also covers offering them in a subtle and inoffensive way. At the GM's option, Empathy and Sensitive may provide their usual bonuses. For example, this technique for Savoir-Faire (Dojo) is what you would use if you wanted to bribe a participant in a martial-arts competition to throw a bout.

Covering (Streetwise or Savoir-Faire (any)). Average, default prerequisite, cannot exceed prerequisite+4.

This is the art of keeping criminal activity secret. Methods include "legitimate" front businesses (scrapyards and pawnshops are perennial favourites for Streetwise, or trade associations further up the social scale), making sure that everyone involved will lose personally if they betray the secret, and compromising the willingness of the authorities to take action. This technique for Savoir-Faire (High Society) is what you'd use to ensure that knighthoods and baronies being bestowed in exchange for cash looked legitimate.

Recruitment (Streetwise or Savoir-Faire (any)). Average, default prerequisite, cannot exceed prerequisite+4.

This allows you to judge whether a person is likely to be receptive to an offer to join a criminal or improper enterprise. It also covers making the offer in a way they'll understand, but isn't blatantly obvious to everyone. This technique for Savoir-Faire (Military) is what a general would use to approach another general with a proposal that they each promote the other's relative serving under them.
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new technique of the week

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