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Old 08-15-2017, 10:54 AM   #1
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Default WTB: Munchkin


My wife's birthday is approaching and I would like to get her some stuff on her "must get" list. Please make an offer if you're interested in selling.

Individual cards -Promos with Spyke icon and URL unless noted

Fantasy backs
Hireling: Cavalry Captain [d]
Rollback [d]
The Big Red God Did Not See the Unspeakable Thing You Did to His Slippers [d]
Conan Helps Out [t]
Deodorant Stick [t]
Rescue Conan! [t] (GUAL)
*Death/Rigor Mortis (monochrome) [Italian version]
Clockwork Dragon (new)
Curse! Schooled by Mr. Fanny
I Beat a MIB.
Draw 2 treasures (wonderland)

Asplode Their Heads [t]

{blank} [d] no url, no icon
{blank} [t] no url, no icon

German promo cards
Erzwungener Additionsfehler (Munchkin)
Evil Stevie ändert die Regeln (Munchkin)
Mein kleiner Cthulhu (Muchkin Cthulhu)
Störtebeker (Munchkin Freibeuter)
Kleiner Held-Mietling (Munchkin)
Die Sterne sind grausam (Munchkin Cthulhu)
Conan hilft dir (Munchkin)

1st Edition
Clerical Erroneousness
Hong Kong Wrongness

2nd Edition
munchkin +3 bookmark of munchkin mastery
munchkin bookmark level counter
munchkin bookmark of target aquisition

3rd - 4th
munchkin joco cruise 6 bookmark of intellectual piracy
munchkin bookmark of universal spite
munchkin bookmark of daring dungeon delving
munchkin pathfinder-monstrous unfairness (with green banner) -4th
munchkin bookmark of conspicuous consumption-4th

Other Items
Munchkin turbo booster 1+2 (German)
Green mega Chibithulhu- 25” plush
Pink Valentine Chibithulhu- 10” plush
Green Cthulhu Dicebag- plush
d10 with small numbers, blue
+8 babes and pawns
Set 1 of the munchkin level counters
Triple play set 1
Munchkin patch (1 spyke and 1 flower)
Munchkin plutonium dragon patch
Munchkin icon patch (2 kinds 1 blue/black the other tan/brown)
Munchkin resurrection cookie
Munchkin sparkly good fairy shot glass
Munchkin sherpa
Sammlerkoffer (briefcase style - must be complete)
Sammlerbox (wooden box, must be complete)
Zombie brain
Munchkin Marvel bag
Munchkin Knight bag
boom munchkin comic variant: katie cook's krampus
boom munchkin comic variants: daniel bayliss #2,3,4
Clerical erroneousness misprint (must be full set)
Q-workshop Wicked dice:
Pink with black writing
Pink painted
White painted

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