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Default Foxen Racial Template

Just a corrected writeup for the primary race in my Red Vixen Adventures e-book series.


Foxen are bipedal, digitigrade mammals resembling anthropomorphic Terran foxes, native to Foxen Prime, a lush Earth-like world. Though not the most numerous race in the Allied Worlds, they are hearty adventurers with both deeply held curiosity and a reverence for nature. Though their world is not united, the Foxen Protectorate projects an outward show of unity, which masks some widening cracks.

Foxen Racial Package, 36 Points

Attribute Modifiers: ST -1 [-10], DX +1 [20]

Advantages: Acute Hearing/1 [2], Acute Taste/Smell/2 [4], Blunt Claws [3], Discriminatory Smell [15], Sharp Teeth [1]

Perks: DR 1 on palms, bottoms of feet [1], Fur [1]

Disadvantages: None

Quirks Dislikes wearing shoes [-1]

Features: Tail

Status* Examples Monthly Cost of Living

6 Countess of the Ten, Gerwart Prime Minister, $6,000,000

5 Rank and file Countess $600,000

4 Viscount, High Level Official $60,000

3 Landed Lord, High Mayor $12,000

2 Prominent Service Caste Leader, Filthy Rich Commoner, Unlanded Lord, Government Official $6,000

1 Service Caste, Wealthy Commoner $2,400

0 Commoner $1,800

-1 Indentured Criminal, Poor Commoner $400

-2 Prisoner, Mentally Ill $250

* Additional -1 Status for Males, Non-Criminal Indenture

Psychology: Foxen arenít too far from humanity in their interests and outlook, which is one of the reasons the two races get along so well. Mentally, Foxen do appear to be less susceptible to severe psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. The downside of this is that psychological counseling for such problems tends to be lacking on their world, which can exacerbate the situation when it does come up.

Ecology: The Foxen homeworld is a pleasant garden planet with a 21 hour day, a gravity of 0.9G, and oceans covering about 55% of the planetís surface. Foxen themselves evolved from omnivorous hunter/scavengers, and depend on a slightly higher percentage of protein in their diet than humans. Their covering of light fur is for UV protection, much in the same manner as human melanin, and offers no significant thermal protection in cold weather. Both their palms and bottom of their feet are covered in a tough, flexible pad of skin, providing DR 1, negating the need for shoes in most circumstances.

Culture: The Mother Country, the largest political unit on Foxen Prime, has a matriarchal, caste based culture. Castes are divided into Noble, Military/Service, and Commoner. Nobles control the government and are the only caste permitted to own land, Military/Service handles everything that can possibly have a government function, from naval personnel, to emergency medical services, librarians, and even garbage collection, and Commoners are literally everything else in the private sector. Though foxen can be born into any caste, there is mobility. Every Noble and Commoner is required to put in three years in the Service caste, sometimes, though not always, in one of the branches of the military, and either caste can even choose to remain in the Service caste if they find it suits them. Since Noble/Service marriages are considered perfectly honorable, itís possible, though rare, for a Commoner to join the Service caste, have a bright military career, and marry up the Nobility.

Worship centers around the Mother Goddess, a monotheistic religion that teaches the center of culture is around oneís home. The most senior able female is the head of every household, and functions as their houseís priestess, overseeing worship of the Mother Goddess in their family. By extension ruling female Nobles are considered priestesses as well, and lead major ceremonies for their Districts such as the Summer and Winter Solstice celebrations.

Politics: The two major planetary political divisions are between the Mother Country (MC) and Gerwart, the latter a parliamentary republic with a reputation of being humorless technocrats. Thus far the MC has succeeded in remaining the only nation on the world to have offworld colonies, much to Gerwartís frustration.

Foxen Prime gets along amicably for the most part with the other races of the Allied Worlds.
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