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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by Otaku View Post
I guess what I am saying is... do you really need an excuse to work in at least a token (possibly transforming) scorpion-themed machine of death? Or even a Quirk level fascination with scorpions and/or robotics for extra flavor? Well, if you did, I'd like to think this provids it. XD
I'll think about a ScorpionMech provided by Zarek to Yon-Rogg. It'd be a nice shout-out. (After all, not every Sentry robot by the Kree has to be humanoid, right?) :)

Anyway, I was saying I wasn't sure which came first: Zarek or Zarak. Sorry I wasn't clearer.
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The GURPS Marvel Universe Reboot Project and its not-a-wiki-really web adaptation.
Ranoc, a Muskets-and-Magery Renaissance Fantasy Setting

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