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Hero of Canton
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Default GURPS Prime Directive Races in an ATU GURPS Traveller


I'm wondering if anyone has run or played in a GURPS Traveller campaign that used the GURPS Prime Directive books on the Romulans, Klingons and the Federation. If you did how did it go?

In planning for my new GURPS Traveller campaign (which will be solidly ATU) I am considering substituting Vulcans for the Zhodani, Klingons for the Aslan, and Romulans for either the Vargr, Hivers, K'kree.

I'm even considering substituting the Gorn for the Vilani with the rationale that they are as change-averse as "The Race" from Harry Turtledove's World War Series, which would account nicely for their technological stagnation and inability to innovate to face the "Terran Menace".

Wadda Ya Think?

Hero of Canton
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