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The Horn'd One
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Default Re: "100 Years Ago Today" - Car Wars News

Originally Posted by swordtart View Post
Cybernetics were written up in ADQ 7-4. In the 4 issue comic there was even a cyborg character (Mecha-Chan or some such if memory serves).

Whether these rule count as anything near official is another matter. Since the base rules don't create a situation where you might loose a limb, for example, replacing them is irrelevant.
You are correct. Mecha-Shan, the Rolling Tiger, was in the comic 'Car Warriors' (Marvel/Epic imprint, #2 July 1991; #3 , #4 Sept 1991.) Issue #4 gives stats on Mecha-Shan & the Rolling Tiger vehicle.
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Default Electrification

Was it only like 20 years ago we thought electric power plants were science fiction?
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Default Re: "100 Years Ago Today" - Car Wars News

July 2017, 100 Years Ago Today: Eliminating the Driver Component...

Remember when robot drivers were a novelty? This article from early 2017 explores the "first roborace" and it's crashy-smashy conclusion. Meat vs Machine, who wins? It's obvious that in 2017, the humans still had the edge.

First autonomous Roborace event ends with a self-driven crash

and then the autonomous driving races really began!
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Last edited by LokRobster; 07-11-2017 at 10:36 AM. Reason: added the DMV article with MORE robo-race action!
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Default Re: "100 Years Ago Today" - Car Wars News

July 2017 - Chassis and Crossbow in Mosul, Iraq
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Default Re: "100 Years Ago Today" - Car Wars News

Twenty-six words we donít want to lose
BBC News
November 22, 2017

Car Wars Sixth Edition should include the term "holmgang" in its terminology. :o)
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