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Default Potion of Halitosis/Floating Nose Level 9

Me and my group had a game where I was level 9. Another member of the party fought the floating nose from their hand. I had a transferal potion, and the potion of halitosis. I transferred and played the potion to instantly kill the floating nose. I know that the combat is not over yet, there is still the 3 second grace period where members of my party may wander in a monster.

If my party was to wander in a monster the combat that I was in with the floating nose is not over. If I were to not successfully complete that combat, but was able to run away do I still get the level and experience for killing the floating nose? To me if I were to not die, I feel that I would get that level and the treasures regardless of either running away from the next monster or suffering the bad stuff (unless it's lose a level) and win.

To me if you kill something in a role playing game you get Exp. and loot as long as you don't die.

Wondering if someone could give me some clarification on this, because the rules and the FAQ seem quite vague on this specific instance.


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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Potion of Halitosis/Floating Nose Level 9

This situation is addressed in the FAQ:

Q. Some cards say they automatically kill a certain type of Monster (like the Potion of Halitosis and the Floating Nose, or the Churninator and Level 1 monsters). Can anyone interfere with this? Can anyone play a Wandering Monster?
A. You may have automatically killed the monster in question, but your fellow munchkins still have a reasonable time to respond. They probably cannot do anything to help the now-defeated monster, but they can still wander in a new one for you to fight. (But if the monster had special "bring in a friend" rules, such as Undead and Bats, you cannot use those rules, because the original monster is no longer there.) (See Important Note #4.)
You're right that it isn't 100% explicit, but the intent is that unless you can defeat all of the monsters you face, you don't get any rewards, including the level. There are a couple of special cases where that is not the case (such as when another player uses a Transferral Potion on the second monster), but in general, you have to defeat everything you see to get the rewards.

In the far-off future where I'm given free hand to rewrite everything, I will be sure to make this very clear. Or just remove instakill effects.
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Default Re: Potion of Halitosis/Floating Nose Level 9

Thanks for the reply!

Very frustrating for me when a card tells me I instantly kill something but get no reward for doing so. :/ Especially when I was holding/carrying these cards in hand for that exact scenario in case it came up. However, I understand the need to let other people interfere. Just sucks when you prepare so well for this one scenario that likely wouldn't happen to get it taken away with one common wandering monster card.
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