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Michael Cule
Join Date: Jul 2005
Default Contribute Something For Yrth

From the "What do you want for Yrth?" thread:

Originally Posted by David Johansen View Post
I'm not sure, it depends on how mana works. It could be that reducing the mana level beneath the flying island would be highly effective.

I wonder if we should move on to a, "Contribute Something For Yrth" thread?
Yes, we should. Especially as it allows me to drag things off my hard drive that have languished there for many a year and thus boost my languishing ego.

No attempt should be made to ensure compatibility with other contributions. This is intended for inspiration and adaptation to various campaigns. Your Yrth Will Vary.

First: This was written when the Demon Emperor was still firmly on the throne:


The Emperors of Megalos have consciously tried to model their realm on Roman precedents, down to the uniforms and organisation of their legionaries. They have also tried to avoid the errors that Rome made of which the worst (in the opinion of the early Emperors) was the instability that came when the succession to the Imperial purple was under dispute.

So for centuries the ritual following the death of an Emperor has gone as follows. The chief Herald of the Empire, Sable Dragon King of Arms, sends out a proclamation to the Empire, declaring the Emperor’s departure and calling all ‘persons of Rank’ who hear the proclamation to attend the next morning at the Great Hall in Megalos to take part in the Acclamation of the New Emperor.

By persons of rank is meant any noble above the rank of knight, all commanding officers of the Legions and all Masters of Religious Orders, Bishops and Archbishops. In the early days of the Empire it was only those within a day’s ride of Megalos who could attend. Nowadays, the announcements go out by the teleport routes and the mages of the Empire bring work hard at getting all who want to be there to the City.

No-one is allowed to bring any troops or bodyguards. The only people permitted to bear arms in the City are the First Legion who man the walls and the Legion True Dragon, who guard the Hall. Inside the Hall, thousands of nobles stand jostling for position: more wait outside. The Imperial Secret Service notes who has not turned up and who is standing near who.

Then Sable Dragon takes out the old Emperor’s will from the magical chest where it is kept and reads it out. It has only one clause, “I (OLD EMPEROR) will the throne of Megalos to (NEW EMPEROR).” At this point every body in the Hall is expected to start to hail the heir with loud cries of “Ave (NEW EMPEROR)” and “Vivat, (NEW EMPEROR)!” and “God save you, (NEW EMPEROR)”) And anyone who does not demonstrate loud and clear loyalty to the heir will have his neck broken and then be eaten by the Lizard Men of True Dragon.

Normally, the Heir is declared long in advance of the Acclamation and has been preparing half his life for this moment. Some Emperors with an unfortunate sense of humour have placed little surprises in their wills and the proud son who thought he had things sewn up finds himself either having to learn to ‘ave’ his despised younger brother or over-looked cousin or feeling a pair of strong, scaly hands on his throat. Normally, heirs are chosen from within the Emperor’s family. Sometimes, competent outsiders are preferred.

This doesn’t prevent people from going back to their estates and raising forces in rebellion but it usually ensures that Megalos the City is loyal to the chosen Heir and there is no immediate threat until after the coronation is over.

Sadly, the current Emperor has refused to name a successor. His paranoia has grown so strong that the list of people he trusts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And two Sable Dragons and an Archbishop of Megalos have lost their lives for trying to remind him of his duty to the Empire. When he goes (which could be tomorrow the way he debauches himself or could be twenty years from now) it looks as if the chief Herald will find himself with no will to read. And what will happen then? Who will the Legions be loyal to? What will True Dragon see as their duty?
Michael Cule,
Genius for Hire,
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