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Default Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Defeating a lich
Is easier than finding
Armor in my size
— Roodnat, Ogre Cleric
If you've been reading the forums or our social media, you know that the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is making its way through physical production on its way toward an October release. If you're anything like me, you can't wait to crack this beautiful box set open on the table and start a delve. And it's this very wait that made us wonder . . . can we do an issue that's useful even before the game itself is out? Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game shows that the answer is a resounding "Yes!"
  • You were just scouting ahead for your caravan when you suddenly crashed through a covered hole. Now that you're Trapped in the Living Tomb, can you survive the threats and use your head to find a way back to the surface? (And if so, what treasure will you bring with you?) This solo adventure from Steven Marsh has it all: action, exploration, combat, magic, and more. (Plus a sample hero, of course.) The best part is that all of the rules you need are in the adventure itself! That means the GM can print this off and hand it to a complete newbie, who will come out of it with a basic understanding of how Dungeon Fantasy and GURPS work.

  • Once a GM is comfortable creating custom adventures, it's time to think about where to go from there. Sure, even unconnected encounters are fun, but there's nothing quite like the look in your players' eyes when they realize that It's a Quest! Experienced GM Christopher Rice shows how straightforward it is to take your game's existing pieces and history, break them down into "tiles" and "touchstones," and then use those to form a "quest mosaic" that will add epicness to any campaign! And if you're in a hurry or just need some inspiration, the Random Quest Generator tables are full of people, places, plot twists, and more.

  • The GM isn't the only one who can benefit from a little bit of inspiration, though. In this month's Eidetic Memory, David Pulver presents the Heroic Background Generator -- a series of easy-to-use tables that can tell you everything about an adventurer's backstory, from how and where they were raised to the prophecies, enemies, and/or tragedy that define their life. Whether you're about to create a new PC, or need details for an NPC on the spot, you can either roll randomly or choose whatever inspires you.

  • Of course, you're probably curious about The State of the Dungeon -- that is, what's going on with the box set and all of those stretch goals? Enjoy this sneak peek behind the curtains, including a few leaks and details that you'll only find here.

  • And we defeated the orc who was guarding this month's Random Thought Table, which looks at the other half of creating a hero -- making someone you'll actually want to play.

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Preview PDF:
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