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Steven Marsh
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Default [New Release] GURPS Classic: Bestiary

Unleash critters on your digital library! With GURPS Classic: Bestiary, you'll get an assortment of real-world (and some not-so-real) creatures for your GURPS Third Edition games. Get everything from alligators to yeti . . . and dozens of furry/scaly/chitinous animals in between. Download it today, only from Warehouse 23!
Steven Marsh
Steve Jackson Games
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Default Re: [New Release] GURPS Classic: Bestiary

Although having seen how much was included in the preview I wasn't sure if I'd bother. Said Preview makes a nice ref guide for my hardcopy - if I can find my hardcopy. But the full shlemoggle as digital is so much handier. And I can always print it for personal use. [hopefully not back to front like Martial Arts]

Keep on scanning.
"Sanity is a bourgeois meme." Exegeek
PS sorry I'm a Parthian shootist: shiftwork + out of = not here when you are:/
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