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Default Re: [Basic] Skill of the week: Photography

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
The technical task of making an image that looks like a photograph is easier (surprise surprise), the camera is a better tool for that than a paintbrush. In my experience, however, many "images that look like photographs" look like the photographs you see on random facebook profiles: flash is on, focusing on the wrong object or completely out of focus, photographer's fingers in shot accidentally, not cropped, subject is badly framed, and/or a zillion filters, stickers, and lens-flares.
I was basically my family's event photographer, despite having no particular training. I had one simple trick: never ask people to smile. When you smile for a photograph, you look like you are smiling for a photograph. Instead, I walked around the event with the camera at the ready, looking for people who were already smiling (talking to an old friend, enjoying the food, etc.). Much more natural and a better memorial of what the event was.

Also, I hate having my own picture taken, so holding the camera was a sneaky way around that.
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