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Default Pyramid #3/103: Setbacks

For each step forward
My quest forced me two steps back
So I turned around
— Sir Rhogar
As much as we wince and complain when the GM throws a monkey wrench into our plans, we know that any heroic adventure is defined by those challenges and complications. Without struggle, our campaigns would just be a series of simple errands, and preventing that is the goal of Pyramid #3/103: Setbacks. Frustrate and delight your players with an onslaught of new issues to overcome, such as:
  • Life as a hero is stressful. Combat, terrifying situations, personal issues -- it all takes a toll over time, and if you're not careful, it may leave you Mad as Bones. Christopher R. Rice adapts the Long-Term Fatigue rules from GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders into a system for tracking Stability Points, a sort of "mental fatigue" or "sanity track," via a new system that works great with either the basic rules or the advanced ones from GURPS Horror.

  • Any horror investigator or GURPS Monster Hunters champion smart enough to survive a few missions knows that you can't focus exclusively on the Big Bad -- not unless you want to be stabbed in the back by the Monsters' Minions. Michele Armellini discusses 16 different types of underlings and how to use them, with a full sample character for each, loaded with gear and ready to use.

  • Because interstellar travel is complex and dangerous, the craft of GURPS Spaceships have many opportunities for Spaceship Malfunctions. But in this month's Eidetic Memory, David Pulver replaces the existing "-X to HT until repaired" rules with nine pages of detailed and flavorful mishap tables, resulting in anything from jammed elevators to antimatter containment faults.

  • Anyone who's read Matt Riggsby's just-released GURPS Hot Spots: The Silk Road knows how exciting the Tarim Basin was up until the Tang dynasty . . . but the action didn't stop there! Designer's Notes: The Silk Road continues the timeline, from Mongol hordes to Cold War proxy fighting, and also presents one realistic and three fantastical creatures befitting any Seidenstraße campaign.

  • But we didn't stop there with our love for the Silk Road. Enjoy the poster-sized, full-color, detailed map of historic Central Asia -- suitable for printing at your local copy shop -- on the last page of this month's issue. (You can see a sneak peek of this map in the preview PDF.)

  • And we just barely managed to deliver this month's Random Thought Table, which reminds us that we only punish the characters to reward the players.

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Preview PDF:
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