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Default Welcome!

Welcome to the Ogre forum!

Most of us want to find more folks with whom to play Ogre. As a start on that, we recommend the Gamer Finder (which is a forum here on the SJG forums). At the top of that is a link to the SJG Gamer Finder database. Add your details there and look for other players near you.

And now, some (potentially) useful links:


Why a Welcome thread? After finding myself welcoming new people and providing links to resources in the middle of two different threads in the last week or so, I chatted with Drew (the esteemed Ogre Line Manager) about the idea of a Welcome thread. He thought that was a good idea, so here it is. I thought I'd use it both to welcome new folks and to get (hopefully) useful links into one place.


Drew here . . . please enjoy this thread and again, a hearty welcome to all new players! I would like to keep this thread relatively clean, so that months and years from now new players aren't wading through scores of posts to see if there is anything that they truly need. To that end, I will be pruning frequently and would encourage all to limit their posts to that which would truly be of value to all new players. Thank you for your understanding.

Play Ogre? Want an interactive record sheet?

Want a random dungeon? How about some tables for that? How about a random encounter?

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