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simply Nathan
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Default Re: GURPS Magic: Death Spells

Originally Posted by edk926 View Post
First, how many Death Spells would you put on a character before it feels like too much?
For most wizards, having the one secret death spell to use in truly dire situations, one of those associated with his preferred College of spells, is sufficient.

For someone like say Black Mage Evilwizardington (8-Bit Theatre) or Dick (Looking for Group), you can never have too many doom spells. In fact, you can never have enough of them and may want to look into some form of improvisational magic just so that you can kill people in even more varied and elaborate ways.
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Default Re: GURPS Magic: Death Spells

Functionally, it can be useful to have two or three - just to make sure you don't have any gaping holes in the kinds of targets you can zot. So if that's your goal don't just take two HT-resisted spells that can only be used on living things, try to mix it up a bit. Mixing up the colleges also gives you more flexibility when dealing with Aspected mana and suchlike.

I wouldn't generally worry about more than three spells (from three colleges) and even two colleges would be fine. But like Nathan said, frequently one is perfectly good.

Unless of course the only thing you do is Death Spells. At which point the more the merrier just for variety.
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Default Re: GURPS Magic: Death Spells

Originally Posted by edk926 View Post
First, how many Death Spells would you put on a character before it feels like too much?
Personally, for a PC at least, I'd probably never go with more than one -- two at the most, if they're very different in feel.

Second, what would be the most efficient way to give a character every single Death Spell in the book? Sure it's definitely overkill (horrible pun intended), but I can now picture some kind of ultimate Death-Bringer gleefully killing people in every way possible. Every day they keep it fresh by doing different spells on different creatures.
There's definitely no version of Magery that would cover that, but if someone worshiped a God of Death, I'd assume that their Power Investiture would include every spell in that book.
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