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Default GURPS Overhaul - Content Posts

I've decided to hop on the blogger bandwagon (blogwagon?), so now I've got my own blog for crazy GURPS stuff I come up with.

The first (and thus far only) post is for a system I'm tentatively calling Combat Posture. It does away with maneuvers altogether, instead giving characters Maneuver Points (MP) that are allocated for Attack, Damage, Defense, Movement, Awareness (if using "Situational Awareness" from Tactical Shooting), Recovery (if using The Last Gasp), Aim, Concentrate, Evaluate, and Ready. Additionally, instead of Extra Effort in Combat giving just one bonus, it now gives you extra MP to spend on whatever you see fit.

If you've ever wanted to be able to gather energy for a spell while cutting down lesser foes, Evaluate a target while parkouring your way over rooftops in pursuit, or recover AP while taking aim with your rifle, Combat Posture has you covered. Just be ready to eat a lot of penalties...

For those who would rather not read through me working out the system, skip to Integration to see the actual system. It's near the end, but you can get there quickly by just searching for the word - it only shows up twice in the document.

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