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Default Lost in Dreams (Michael)

Michael dreamed strangly that night. Most prominent in his dreams was a great floating rock. Or perhaps island was a better word. it certainly had enough vegetation growing on top of it to count as one. And those weren't just small bushes, but great trees. Perhaps a better term was a mountain. It hung in the sky, above a floor of clouds, with nothing supporting it.

Then he dreamed of a box. The box glowed in a dark room, resting on a rough but even stone surface. The box was made from ivory or some white plastic, with various geometric designs on it.

He dreamed of a ship, flying through the sky. The ship had three masts: two to the side and one on top. The men on it kept watch as the ship sailed through the air, cutting through clouds.

He woke to a stiff breeze blowing on him. And the feeling of plants. He was naked and outside somehow. Above him were green leafy trees. below him were bush-type plants, and at least one rock.

A strange bug lands on his chest. Its about the size of his hand, but looks like a butterfly with wings colored in contouring bands of black and white. Its lands fairly heavily. And moistly. Its quite wet, and he doesn't feel any legs, just one contact patch. If he looks, the creature will look a good deal like a snail with wings.
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lost in dreams

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