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Default Elder Race Enhancer - Question

I have a question about the "Elder", which is listed as a "Race Enhancer", for the Munchkin 8 "Half Horse Will Travel".

We had a discussion about the rule on the "Elder" card: "Add this card to a Race card."

Interpretation 1: Humans are a race, they just don't have a race card, so you can have a "Elder Human". [We called this interpretation "Humans are people too!"]

Interpreration 2: Humans aren't an old race, so they can't have an "Elder". But you can have "Elder Elf" or "Elder Dwarf". The key phrase is "Add this card to a RACE CARD." Humans have no race card, and they can't be "Elders". [We called this interpretation "Humans are people, they just aren't Elder People"]

I looked on this page and searched for "elder" and "race enhancer" and I found nothing. I looked at the specific Half Horse Will Travel (#hhwt) and there was nothing mentioned about the Elder Race Enhancer.

On this page:
Andrew Hackard is quoted, excerpt: ". . .The Elder card pokes fun at the many ancient, wiser races found in fantasy literature." [Implied: Humans aren't an ancient, wiser race - which is why they have no race card]
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Default Re: Elder Race Enhancer - Question

Race and Class Enhancers were first introduced in the Munchkin Dice set. After SJGames decided the costs for making the dice was too high, it went oop, but the cards from that set were reprinted as a booster, called Reloaded!, which also went oop. Currently, those cards are available in Munchkin Game Changers.

This question, from the FAQ, deals with the original Race and Class Enhancers (Master, High and Dark)

Originally Posted by The FAQ
Q. Can I play Master or Dark or High if I'm a Human?
A. Master only works on Classes, and Human is not a Class. Dark and High state they have to be played on Race cards. Human, while a Race, has no Race card, so Dark and High cannot be played on it. (However, it's a perfectly fine house rule to allow someone to be a Dark or High Human.)
Igor Toscano
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Elder Race Enhancer - Question

Igor's answer is correct and should be extended to the new Class and Race enhancers found in M8.
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