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Default Re: Clumsy Zombies?

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
In the literal sense, yes. But thematically, they have different powers and level of mental faculty.
Not with any great consistency.
Yup, it's a matter of definitions.
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Default Re: Clumsy Zombies?

Originally Posted by Warlockco View Post
A Zombie is technically any animated corpse with or without intellect (typically unintelligent) as long as it isn't a Skeleton.
So all fleshy corporeal undead are zombies? Vampires are zombies?
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Default Re: Clumsy Zombies?

In the realm of fiction, monsters generally have archetypes, not taxonomies. You compare the distinguishing features of the archetype to the monster you have to determine if it should be called by the archetype name. This means that drawing lines between archetypes is usually pointless, though contrast isn't useless.

A mummy is a kind of corpse. Mummies exist, and Undead using such a corpse are usually referred to as mummies, regardless of any other factors. Of note is some of them have features not shared by other undead.

Zombies are tricky because they have at least two archetypes in modern lore. One is the drone following the will of a sorcerer (or occasionally a curse). The other is a corpse animated by psudeo science and craving brains. Making things more complicated is that While zombies typically lack both a healthy body and a functioning mind, missing either one will suffice to acquire the title. They also tend to be the fallback name for corporeal undead.
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Default Re: Clumsy Zombies?

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
I'm racking my brain trying to think of any examples where zombies ever use their hands for complex actions.
It feels like lack of intelligence negates all (dis)advantages related to fine hand-eye coordination.
I'm not married to the idea, so would like to hear counter arguments.
Doom's "Zombieman" and "Shotgun Zombie" and "Heavy Weapon Dude" all come to mind.

I think that in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead there is a zombie who manages to use a gun, albeit with a large amount of difficulty.

I don't think it's ever happened in The Walking Dead but I think I remember it happening once or twice in the parody series Z-Nation.

In Palladium Books' "Dead Reign" RPG they have Thinker Zombies who can fire guns (but not reload them) and Mock Zombies who are effectively human intelligence who can reload too.

Prior to that, their "Create Zombie" ritual in Rifts/Nightbane allowed zombies to be made who were intelligent enough to fire guns with a penalty to accuracy (but heck, they could even use Power Armor...)

Then of course there's Resident Evil 6:
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Default Re: Clumsy Zombies?

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
So all fleshy corporeal undead are zombies? Vampires are zombies?
If you really want to **** the vampire off, yes you can call them a zombie.

As ericthered said a few posts later, undead are more archetypes, but if you can't find an archetype fit (known or otherwise), then you call it the closest thing.

So if someone didn't know what a vampire was, but knew the creature was undead, its a zombie.

Undead for the most part have 3 types with many variations within the type.
Fleshy undead are all "zombies" which can be mummy, vampire, ghoul, various types of actual zombie
Skeletal undead are all "skeletons"
Intangible undead are all "ghosts"
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