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Old 11-05-2016, 12:50 AM   #1
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Default Marvel Munchkin- Reality Gem Clarifications

Hello all, so the reality gem states "you are immune to traps and bad stuff that include losing or discarding cards and death".

Q1. is the card/player immune to Theft abilities like Super speed or Telekinesis?

Q2. along with Q1 will it apply to Secret Invasion (trading all in play cards to the player to your right and vice versa) as well? would the player be immune if he was the "player to the right"

Q3. Mysterio the monster says to suffer the top 2 traps in the discard. is the player immune due to being a trap or suffers because its under a Monster effect?

Majority of these are in the "act" of losing cards. However do we go with the word-for-word "losing" or stick this to the sort of category? Please and thank you for any assistance
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Old 04-25-2017, 06:12 PM   #2
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Default Re: Marvel Munchkin- Reality Gem Clarifications

I'm wondering the same, does anyone have an answer for this? And does the gem make you immune to all traps/ bad stuff? I take it as it does including losing cards/ death
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Old 04-25-2017, 07:53 PM   #3
Mister Ed
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Default Re: Marvel Munchkin- Reality Gem Clarifications

Q1. Abilities are not Traps or Bad Stuff, so they should not be prevented. (Bad Stuff is not a generic term for negative effects, but a specific game term for the listed effect for failing to Run Away from a monster you cannot beat.)

Q2. This I'm not sure about. It depends on whether trading cards counts, officially, as losing them. If so, and since this IS a Trap, then it should be prevented. If not, then no, since the Reality Gem only prevents effects of Traps and Bad Stuff that involve losing or discarding cards or Death.

Q3. I assume that you would look at the top two Traps in the discard, and then you would only suffer their effects if they did NOT include losing or discarding cards or Death. If they did include one of those things, then you would be immune to them.
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Old 05-07-2017, 11:28 AM   #4
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Default Re: Marvel Munchkin- Reality Gem Clarifications

I am still not sure what the answer is....say you are hit with a trap that says lose a power and an ally. Does that mean with the Reality Gem the trap does not effect you? Or does it since it does not specifically say you lose "x" amount of cards? Clarification would be awesome.
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marvel munchkin, reality gem

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