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Default CW5 Arena Book 1 for CWC

Is there any reason to get the Arena Book 1, if I already have L'Outrace, and Arena book? I know the maps are on CW5 scale, but it would be nice to have more maps, and some of the maps I see just from looking at the table on contents in the preview, are new, it seems, like the Amex Proving Grounds, or the Cook County Autoduel Arena. There's also lots of new rules and fluff sections that might be useful, like Land of Lincoln Autoduel Championships, and TV Bunkers and Towers. Mainly thought, what interests me, is to see if there's a consolidated, better thought out cash prize system. I see, also from the preview, they brought back PR, except now it modifies Prestige and Cash. I wonder if the cash prizes are different too. I'm running a persistent character/team Car Wars league, and I can't quite get the cash prizes having the right feel. The 60 30 10 split for the pot seems good, but between a pot of the total max cost of all vehicles competing, or just the division max cost, it's hard to figure out what gives players the right amount of money from AADA divisional events.

The L'Outrace book plays with the PR idea, and it certainly makes sense, you'd get more money from a more popular arena, but at the same time, it seems more likely that divisionals would have a fixed pot. I'm not really sure what do to there, and I'm not sure if Arena Book 1 would help with that.
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Default Re: CW5 Arena Book 1 for CWC

I don't think so. While the arenas are simplified to fit CW5 scale, most have appeared before (Amex is in L'Outrance, for example).

Then again, the PDF is only $3 so it's not like you're out a ton of cash if you pick it up. (I think I paid $5 for my physical copy back when CW5 stuff was being cleared out by our local stores.)

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Default Re: CW5 Arena Book 1 for CWC

ah, ok, I missed Amex in L'Outrace. It is fairly cheap that is true so maybe I'll get it anyway, but there's a lot of cheap books for car wars I want to get. I just don't know about those non-arena stuff, they should interesting and maybe would help give me ideas on how to balance the cash payouts, and give some logical changes to the prestige payouts.

The issue is that a pot of 90,000 (15,000 * 3 cars competing * 2 PR) seems like too much, the first place player would get enough to double their fleet of cars, plus more! That seems like too much, given the fact that a majority of the books, I think the compendium is the only one that doesn't, say that the money won from non-corporate arena events is not really enough to make you rich or really even sustain you alone. On the other hand, Gurps Autoduel's way of prize pot equal to the division limit seems to low. Perhaps I'll give a fixed income from endorsements and such, to help.

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