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Default Re: inflicting advantages with negative limitations

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Even with helpful afflictions, if you didn't know the person doing it, you should be trying to resist them.
I've played a game where the GM didn't tell us what was being cast (we were using the magic system, not Afflictions, but close enough) until it happened. We either tried to resist or let it happen based on who was doing the casting, but there were plenty of times when our characters didn't see who was casting the spell, and we tried to resist a few spells from allies as a result.

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
To allow for easier healing of the unconscious (or hurting) I would say the unconscious can't consciously resist the ability.

That should also apply to surprise attacks too which is sort of brutal.
I completely disagree with this however. GURPS runs on the belief that you should never be stripped of your chance to resist an affect, hence the absolute banning of it even from Cosmic Enhancements. If you're unconscious or unaware of an attack, then I would simply assume that you're always trying to resist (or give the player the option, but not tell them anything about the source or the effects).
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