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Old 09-14-2016, 02:41 PM   #1
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Default Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest


Who will you be in the depths of Dungeon Fantasy RPG? Now is your chance to tell us, and enter to win a copy of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game boxed set!

Create a name, describe their look, come up with a backstory for a Dungeon Fantasy RPG character, and post it here to enter. Are you a mountainous half-orc barbarian with a mean streak? Or maybe you’re a halfling thief, slipping underfoot to relieve enemies of their treasure. Perhaps your backstory guides your path, or you believe your future is what's important. Let us know!

Entries are limited to 150-300 words. Limit one entry per person. If the Kickstarter funds, one winner will be chosen randomly among the entries to receive a copy of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set. Additional prizes may be chosen randomly depending on the amount of entries. Contest runs until Monday, September 19.

Good luck everyone!
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

Phillip HogsMansSon

Phillip is a clever one might say too clever fellow. The youngest of 11 children. He has Blond hair peaking out from a leather helment and his striking blue eyes. Phillip grew up in the country and whenever he gave his father a sarcastic reply (quite often) he had to "move that there mud from the left stall to the right stall" As he moved the mud he used to "play" warrior with the shovel he started "fighting" and dreaming of traveling to see the world.
He wears leather armor mostly different shades from different armor sets. He uses a two handed shovel as a weapon.
He's likely to be a warrior wanting to a bard. He carries around a guitar and has a sack with rope tied around it for his basic supplies usually just tossed over his shoulder. He's a country boy he likes people and being good to people.
He stared out in the distance to see the awesome might of the Meerkat war party.
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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

Alauranthlas Moonsilver

Alauranthlas ("Alari" to her friends) is a tall, pale-skinned elf with hair the color of leaves in the moonlight and eyes like twin silver coins. Her bow and chainmail (relics from her homeland) allude to her high status, as does an elaborate piece of jewelry that holds back her hair (which she is never without). Thanks to her tutors back home she has some magical training, but her repertoire is limited to a few well-known “cantrips.”
A staunch defender of nature, she left her woodland home after a disagreement with her family (though she won't say what, even if prodded) and hasn't returned since. Filled with wanderlust and a desire to protect all that is green and growing, Alari uses her skills to keep the “un” in “Unspoiled Nature.” Her constant companion is a large black-furred squirrel named “Ratatosk” who sleeps in her backpack and likes to cause mischief. Her closest friends are her adventuring companions, which she treats like family (even the dwarf). With the wind at her back, she goes wherever there is the most to gain – whether it’s where Nature needs her or where she can turn a profit.
Like her other fellow outdoorsmen, she is handy to have on a trail and can grow food even if it’s out of season. While she prefers to not eat meat (but never mushrooms, ewww, mushrooms), she’ll still kill and eat small game if required. In combat, she’s a fierce warrior combining woodland ways with druidic magic to devastating effect as she stands at a distance and peppers her targets with arrows and spells. A favorite tactic is to use the Protect Animal spell on Ratatosk, along with her wizardly spell of Climbing to have her pet cause as much distraction as possible by climbing opponents!
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

The Windblown Pirate
The shadow elf Oramis has spent the better part of fifty years plying the seas around the old empire as a smuggler and pirate. He delights in employing trickery and intimidation in his dealings with his victims but is not above casual violence. His thirst for riches is only matched by his thirst for wine. As yet he is very young, so the traders of the old empire can look forward to centuries more of his depredations, unless of course his intemperate and impulsive nature gets the best of him and he becomes a victim of his own cleverness.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

The Hunter of Men
Markus is a hard man born in the rough wastelands at the edge of the Cisallian peninsula. He learned fieldcraft and survival with his father, hunting deer for the duke's table. As he grew older he came into his own and began to stalk the woodlands around his home as well.

The time came where he was ordered to accompany a large party in the search for a man wanted for killing the dukes nephew. After two weeks of fruitless chasing, Markus decided to strike out on his own and hunt the criminal as he would any other prey. Much to his benefit this method proved far more effective and he brought back the offending soul in chains.

From that day forward he was empowered by his duke to hunt down those who had offended him. Markus was pleased with this as he had found a vocation that he was adept at and that he found he enjoyed. Unfortunately this situation did not last as his patron was on the losing end of a dispute with a bandit king and was killed in an ambush. Since then, Markus has travelled incessantly in search of those who need someone found and are willing to pay the price to see them brought in.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

The Devout Blade
Kihn the shameless is an extradordinary individual, even amongst his own people. Born in the harsh and unforgiving coasts far to the northwest, Kihn's people were not greatly influenced by the hand of the old empire and their connection to their own gods yet remains strong. This gives Kihn a purity of outlook and a serene confidence in his own place in the world that is lacking in the more "civilized" peoples farther south.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

The Noble Savage

To The People, I am Bloodfang, Ripper-Of-Dead. My mother was Meets-The-Mind's-Eye, a sage of The People. My father was Thrashes-in-the-Dark, the One Who Was Corrupt. I take no pride in this. Mother died in birth, father said. She is with Nex. She was never given a honor rite or proper burial. She died like an animal. My father treated her like an animal. I take no pride in this. My father caged me. He hated me. I hated him back. In Youth, I knew no better. I have no pride in this. He would whip me. He would starve me. I do not remember what happened after that. I remember being angry. There is nothing in those memories but red hate. I know it now to be Rage. I know it now to be Frenzy. I remember next running. I ran until I found Erika. I licked her wounds, she licked mine. I was happy.

We lived together in the woods, killing anything we could to eat, running from everything else. It was a long time. A long long time, until we went to find my father again. I don't know why we did. Erika wanted to. We found him dead, killed by his clan members. They hated him too. For making me into a monster. They tried to kill me, too, the ones who found us first. We killed them. Erika was good at killing. Erika liked it. I did it for her. . The Rage made us soldiers. She said she needed my strength to fight The Evil. Erika taught me to fight with weapons. She was graceful. And fierce. And beautiful. I craved her. I yearned for her when she was away. She was mine.

I was taught to hit things that needed to be broken. I am good at it. The club is my weapon. I can break anything with my club. We killed many Evil in my Wood. I was happy.

We were strong even then. Very strong. We were lead into battle against a great Serpent. The Serpent killed many many soldiers when we were there. Erika said we could destroy The Evil for good. In one battle, we were lead into an ambush. It was not the first, and we fought. Erika was betrayed by her Rage, though. She fell and frothed with blood on the ground. I fought off the Evil as they tried to kill her as the rest of the soldiers ran off. I killed many, but there were more. I would have died had Menna not saved me. A mighty bolt slew the Serpent, it's source Unseen. Erika and I survived to fight again. No others did.

The army hated us then. Erika was blamed for the soldier's deaths. I almost killed the General who said Erika should be killed. They put a collar on me. They called me Pet. I have no pride in this.
They caged Erika. In bars, and shackles. They did not call her pet. I was confused. A few days later, they hung Erika from a rope. She was graceful. And fierce. And Beautiful. And dead. I cried. I have no pride in this.
I do not remember what happened after that. I remember being angry. There is nothing in those memories but red hate. Rage. Frenzy. I remember running.

Now I am in South. I do not like South. The sun is hot. The ground is hot. The snow is gone. I am alone. I am hungry. But I am no Pet. I am free now. I have pride in this.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

The Prodigal Mage

It was a brilliant casting. As the Orc scouting party dared to enter the grounds of the Order of the White River, they were observed by an advanced student returning from his early-morning cleansing in the refreshing waters. As his fellow mages were too fond of the comforts and servants of their chambers, he was alone. As the trespassers slinked past the reflecting pool in the outer gardens, they were beset upon by ghastly, rotting images of themselves, too long in the grave, from the surface of the water.

The magic flowed from Ankhan easily, effortlessly. He reveled in the dismay and panic that sent the unwelcome guests fleeing out into the plains. Then, it took hold of him. Something flowed from the living mana of that spell into his consciousness. It was a window, perhaps; maybe a foreshadowing or even a brief but chilling connection with the other side. A dark force met his gaze and the sight of it took the color from his eyes.

Brushing away his single-handed defense of the community, the masters were quick to point out Ankhan’s boldness. Their smug and disapproving tone never failed to infuriate him. Surely, he would be quoted as the example of inappropriate scholarly methods in all the forthcoming lectures, again.

Since his arrival at age four, he was trouble. His peasant parents, of unknown origin, recognized his gifts. Leaving them with the Order was visibly painful, but they could not hope to care for him nearly as well as the wise and learned brothers of the mystical ways. All that remains of them, now, is found in Ahkhan’s olive skin and quick temper. These traits and his incorrigible mischief set him apart from all of the other students. His friends and classmates were never disappointed by his antics, though. Sometimes, he even took the blame for someone else’s mayhem to keep them from harm. They soon learned to trust and admire him.

For years, he has felt the corruption creeping into the workings of the world. He senses it when he manipulates the mana to his will, bringing forth all manner of beast and phantom. The more he uses his power, the more the creatures of this world shun him. Now, he is forbidden to enter the stables for the unease that he brings. He hasn’t seen one of the dozens of cats of the Order, favorite familiars of the mages, in two years. Yet, the masters dismiss his concerns as one might fan smoke from a room. They say his worries are as one of his illusions; without form or substance. Too long have Ankhan’s masters submitted to the rituals and rulings of the Order. They no longer feel the living mana, but use it only as a potter uses clay. They’ve lost their true ties to the arts. They are blind.

It is time to leave. Ankhan has learned all that he can from the Order of the White River. Severing all ties, he dismisses the lost masters and their hidebound lecturing. He makes his way into the larger world to learn the source of this corruption and seek out the magical artifacts of legend to assist him. Into the city of Ostwin he travels, seeking rumors and tales. He seeks to reveal this evil and pull it from the earth. Thus, he makes his way through the world. He’s a wizard, mind you…
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

Sebastian Jenkins

Race: Elder-Spawn
Profession: Holy Warrior


Sebastian Jenkins is a wiry fellow with a slightly hunched gait. He has a muscle tone, but it is as though his bones are thin in themselves, if he even has bones. His skin has the tone of flesh but part of the hues are muted giving it a gray tinge. His hair is straight and cut ear length but stands up slightly as though a light amount of static existed on his scalp at all times. The most unsettling part about Sebastian is that incessant grin. It's rather wide, like the lips were stretch back by hooks drawing them towards the rear of his skull. His teeth are white but slightly over sized in the mouth. Despite this unsettling grin, he wears it often. It's as though life just couldn't be better.


Sebastian Jenkins is an orphaned lad. Sebastian loved his caregivers. Such a tragedy doesn't get Jenkins down, though. His parents are in a better place, aren't they? Shouldn't they be? God says they are so it must be so. He was raised by the church (Officially but spent time at Orphanages too), because it's the duty of those who worship god to make sure the fatherless boys are cared for.

Sebastian had a strong calling to right injustice. Sebastian loves when it's time to right injustice. One could almost say he was mad with fervor. Every tale of good deeds gave him so much glee to imagine. The almighty's alabaster throne would surely shine down upon his brow if he could just follow in the virtuous footsteps of those who came before. And thus Jenkins went forth to bring the light of god to the disgusting monsters in every nook of the world!

Those who would listen would be told the virtuous nature of donating to the church or god would -kill- the unbeliever! Sebastian loved repentant unbelievers. Give the first portion of your income, not after taxes and deductions! God deserves to pick what he wants and whatever he feels you deserve you get to keep. Of course, god knows his followers need better equipment to make evil pay for all the ill deeds they perform with ill gotten goods, so Sebastian makes certain to take these goods an put them to proper use!

Perhaps you will find Sebastian in a tavern speaking loud, with sword ready, rallying others to march out do deal the wrath of god on a dungeon near you. Sebastian loved the wrath of god.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest

Jareth Mooncalled

Jareth is a dirty, unkempt, High Elf. When not found sleeping one off in a gutter he can be found pursuing his burning passion, trying to get a bunch of hard types together to penetrate whatever local labyrinth or ruins he has found. “Knowledge is in there” he'll say, “Knowledge and treasure”. While he's an adequate mage, he excels at finding and avoiding traps, bypassing locks, and knowing things. Sometimes that being Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

If asked where he comes from he always has a quick answer, varying for whom is asking. But his easy demeanor with nobles, merchants, and bureaucrats alike speak of one used to getting his way, and though his leather greatcoat and armor are shabby and stained, they speak of lost wealth and prestige.

His only constant companions are his walking staff, which sometimes gleams with eldritch light from under it's filthy rag wrapping, and a black-nosed ferret named Akimbo.
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