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Default [Sorcery] Need help with a spell 2

The spell creates a marshy ground in the form of a circle with a diameter of 4 yards and a depth of 1 foot. The water suddenly trickles up and makes the ground difficult to traverse, reducing Move to a quarter.

Some kind of inverse Enhanced Move? What would the cost be? What's the cost of reducing Move?
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Need help with a spell 2

I usually go for Area Effect Persistent Afflict Lameness with enough reduced duration (and the fixed duration option) that the base Affliction goes down to 1 second, and you only have to deal with the duration of the AOE Persistent.
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Need help with a spell 2

It seems more like a form of Create (Marsh ground). An affliction / malediction / emanation / aura of a disadvantage allows a resistance roll. I think Create is better.
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Need help with a spell 2

I would be disinclined to do something as straightforward as reducing Move to 1/4. You'd end up with some weird results, where for example a fat ogre with a Move of 4 will be just as slowed as a wingless pixie with a move of 4. In "reality" the pixie would be stopped in its tracks and the ogre would probably shrug most of it off.

So I think Ivalero's answer is probably the best, but if you want to model it through something more complex you could probably go with Binding (Area Effect; One-Shot; Sticky). This is technically a grapple, presumably a grapple with "two hands." Which means that with a Binding level of 4, the Break Free action requires a QC against 9 (4 + 5 for two hands). But with a Binding of 4 anyone with ST 10 or higher can still move, with encumbrance penalties. A character with ST 6 or less has a weight range of 40-240 lbs (p. B18), so on average about 140 lbs. So that's adding 140lbs of encumbrance, which reduces Move significantly.

All of the above is a terrible idea. Ivalero's answer seems best to me.
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