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Old 08-18-2016, 04:21 AM   #1
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Default [World building] Magic and technology

Is advanced magic incompatible with advanced technology?

When building a world what do you prefer?

Personally in my current world maybe two thirds of the higher TL nations/cultures have less advanced or powerful magic systems than their more primative neighbours. While the explanations for this are built into the history and background of my particular world the reason for it is pragmatic not thematic. In the case of this TL2-4.5 fantasy world it is about balance between nations and balance between character options for the players.*

Using urban fantasy as an example I am personally equally happy with Charles Stross having spells cast via smartphone apps as I am with Ben Aaranovitch and Jim Butcher having spells fry technology. I can even see both types working in the same world.

*if it seems relevant or if anyone wants the specifics I can post the explanations.
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Default Re: [World building] Magic and technology

Just like with ultra tech, you must define what isn't possible just as much as what is possible with magic.
My nascent TL 9^ world has some aspects of alchemy that helps more mundane tech.
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simply Nathan
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Default Re: [World building] Magic and technology

Magic for my world isn't incompatible with high technology, the world itself just happens to reject aesthetic-noncompliant technological devices regardless of the mana level where they're built.

They do have modern plumbing technology and the supernatural forces involved in the setting tend to expand normal sewers into dungeons over time.
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Default Re: [World building] Magic and technology

I personally enjoy exploring the intersection between magic and technology, and they aren't incompatible in most settings I build. But I also mostly use magic that only does a few things but is available to most everyone.

When I do use magic vs. technology, I tend to treat the magic as a technology in and of itself, and then you have technological tradition vs. technological tradition, which I also love exploring.
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magic, tls

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