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Default Scarlet Leprosy grammer clarification

"Let the lowest-level player(s) (other than you) take a card from your hand. Then let the highest-level player(s) (other than you) do the same."

This card came up in a recent game and there was a disagreement about how to resolve it.

-- One player read the card and decided that all players lower level than the cursed player got to take a card, then all players higher level than the cursed player take a card, but players the same level as the cursed player do not take a card.

-- The other player read the card and decided that the highest level player at the table, and lowest level player at the table, excluding the cursed player, both take cards from the cursed player. If there is a tie for highest or lowest or both, all tied players take a card.

I am one of the players above and believe that there is only one answer that makes any sense and is grammatically correct, but this was left as an unresolved argument at the table. We ended up voting and deciding the outcome (incorrectly) of the play at the time but I would very much like some clarification on the correct way to handle this curse.

Thank you!
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