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Default Re: GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders

Now that you've had a chance to look through this supplement, did you have any questions about it? Or more general questions about these "worked-genre" series, their Pyramid support, and how it all comes together behind the scenes? If so, please feel free to ask them in this thread and I'll do my best to answer them on the #SJGamesLive video stream next Tuesday.

(Crossposted to the end of the three official ATE threads. Pardon the duplication.)
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Default Re: GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders

Originally Posted by PK View Post
Exactly. The text in question specifically says that TL is an issue for Physician in "most game worlds." And a high-tech world dealing with a low-tech infrastructure is absolutely the kind of thing which falls outside of that "most"!
In GURPS Power-Ups Quirks terms, everyone gets a Rules Exemption (Tech Level Skills) perk. Obviously, this is not worth stating if everyone in the setting gets it for free, but that's more or less the way you could explain how TL works in ATE. FWIW, I think it simplifies a great number of fiddly problems that comes with the more detailed, bog standard way. GMs could also revert to the bog standard way, and grant such talent perks to those with the appropriate talents, though I'm not sure I'd do that.
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after the end

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