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Gold & Appel Inc
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Default Re: How to demo GURPS?

Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
Adding basic Alchemy fixes this without overwhelming the setting. Who is going to have a all-powerful alchemist as a character concept? It takes to damned long to make a potion! So, no one is throwing fireballs yet you can still have a touch of "magic" including healing potions, zombies, a lich lord, etc.
Speaking of my best campaign ever, the most magically-apt PC in the party was a former alchemist's apprentice, who had one (1) point in the skill, plus full literacy ("Wait, I only have IQ 10? The sample description says I'm the smartest one!" "IQ 10 is the smartest one..."). This allowed him to read the labels on the bottles when they robbed the alchemist's shop in Episode 2, when nobody else in the party could. He was also the only one with the Greed Disadvantage. The rest of the guys ended up carrying out bags of, "Grow Hair Like Magic!" "Freckles Be Gone!" and, "Stiffy Formula #9," while he pocketed the (much) smaller number of bottles of, "Pregnancy Now!" and, "One Year Younger!" and became rich beyond his wildest dreams. The current alchemist's apprentice unfortunately got to the supply of, "Invisible Man!" and the binary explosive before they did while they were murdering his mentor, and went on to cause them quite a lot of trouble for a precocious twelve-year-old, starting with following them home and cracking their safe.

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