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Default HumbleBundle - Paizo/Pathfinder

For anyone who may have missed it HumbleBundle is having an RPG book Bundle for Pathfinder this week (and last). This sale ends on March 9, so just over 7 days from today.

HumbleBundle, if you've never heard of it, is a charity initiative where they get companies to donate products to be sold for charity, on a pay-what-you-want basis (usually with a minimum donation of $1). The money is usually split evenly between HumbleBundle, the producing company, and a chosen charity; although you can adjust the percentages as you see fit. I've bought several bundles in the past, including this one, all with good results.

This particular bundle includes a huge chunk of Pathfinder PDFs. For $1 you can get the core books (Core Rulebook, GM Screen, GM Guide, etc) which is far and away more than enough to start enjoying Pathfinder. There are two more tiers which each offer more PDFs (one for $15, one by paying more than the average donation which currently sits at $17), and the final donation level is $25 which garnishes you a physical copy of the Pathfinder Beginner Box (you will also have to pay S/H, which will be around $10-20 for domestic, more for overseas).

Worth noting is that they are getting hammered. They currently have 48,000 donations and the average of $17 suggests that 2/3 of them are ordering the Beginner Box. For this reason the box is on back-order, and because they use a DRM system for the PDFs their servers are getting hammered (to be fair they'd probably be getting hammered anyway, but the DRM system adds enough overhead that getting the PDFs right now is not just slow but painful as well). Still, even with the delays, this bundle is well worth the price.
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