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Default Re: Psionics in 4th Ed: I'm not getting it...

Originally Posted by MissAmber View Post

I am also a late adopter of 4th Edition. Primarily because of time constraints between work, my photography business, and other hobbies, I just haven't had a lot of time for a sit down game...

So reading over the 4th Edition rules, including GURPS Psionics, has left me feeling utterly lost as to how psionics works. I'm sure it's all there, but it's just not clicking for some reason. Perhaps I'm too entrenched in the power controlled by skill paradigm of 3rd Edition.

Would someone help explain it to me?
I welcomed 4th Ed, 3rd was good but I always say 4th ed GURPED GURPS.

You are not alone, I thought Psionics was not a good supplement. It puts a spin on the Psionics but it left a nasty taste in my mouth.

If you want to keep the feel of 3rd ed for 4th ed then there are several limitations you need to apply. Personally I liked the step by step approach -First Telesend, then Mind Read and so on and so forth. So I did my own version of this process. Moreover, it limits the excesses of 3rd Ed.

What I really liked about the 4th ed stuff was that it stripped it back to the basic phenomenon of Psi rather than that of the Super and Marvel/DC over powered take on it.
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4th edition, help me out there, psionics, rules

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