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Default Horror Madness Dossier Templates.

I really like Madness Dossier, but oh boy those templates. Firstly, I worry about some design choices, but also their PCs survivability, not against monsters, but of upsetting someone in a bar rolling a critical failure and spending the rest of the adventure in hospital.

They frequently lack guns, first aid and have worse combat skills than me. Even a point or two here and there will help them take a punch (or take cover)

My thoughts on improving them.

1. Applied Anthropologist

Ok two options here buy down all the IQ based skills and an extra point of IQ or buy down all the esmologist skills and buy an extra level of talent.

The latter seems better given its the focus of its template. Spend the small amount of points saved on survivability or better add 25 points from among ST or HT, Luck a couple points of HP or FP, Sandman regimen and a skill point in an unarmed combat skill, first aid and a melee weapon.


Ok here you can consider turning the Talents and skills into Wildcard! Skills if you like that feel.

I'd also add a similar 25 points in survivability.


Is pretty good to go. If adding a 25 point survivability lens I'd try to get them to emphasize a bit of first aid and other abilities to help keep the rest of the party alive rather than just themselves.

Golden Child

Also pretty good to go. I don't think the dependents needs to be there (but that's just me) as this template is overloaded with disadvantages I'd reduce its points value or remove it and use the remainder of the bonus 25 points to buy up ST or further reduce the large disadvantage pool.

Neuro linguists

Just needs 25 points in survivability

Reality Archaeologist

The advantages and skills here are pretty good to go I'd just give them 25 extra points in their advantage pool and it's good to go.


25 points in survivability.

Wetware hacker

Ok choose circuit sense or born to be wired as the specialty and give it an extra level then buy down all the skills associated with that talent. Take the point out of first aid, make physician compulsory and you should be slightly more optimized.

Once again the 25 points in survivability.
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