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Default Telephone card

Card name:Telephone
Set:Zombies The walking dead EXP

Last night our play group had a 3 to 1 vote that the card, telephone, could only be discarded for it's ability to boost the current user of the card. The player who disagreed was trying to boost a monster with it.

My understanding would be that it would say on the card that it could be used on a monster in a similar style as the one shot items use the "monster","munchkin",or "either side" in their card text. So the boost from telephone doesn't include this wording, meaning its only for user.

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Default Re: Telephone card

I believe your 3-1 vote is correct. The Telephone is a Hand item, so it can only be played by someone involved in the combat and its bonus counts for the munchkin side. Even if you discard it for the extra bonus, it would go toward the munchkin, not the monster.

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