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Default How to create the Kaldanes of Barsoom

The Kaldanes are a race of martians that lost most of their bodies through evolution and selective breeding. They are little more than a head with six legs that they use for locomotion.

The Kaldanes depend of their Rykors for almost all physical tasks. Rykors are headless humanoid bodies that are controlled by the Kaldane sitting on its neck.

The Kaldane is almost always mounted on his Rykor, if the Rykor is destroyed, in combat or for other reason, the Kaldane jumps off and go to the nearest Rykor available.

How do I stat this? With two sets of stats, for the Kaldane and the Rykor? The physical stats of the Kaldane are mostly meaningless. And the Rykor doesn't have an IQ worth mentioning. Or with only one block of stats but with an ability to discard the "body" and search for the next? Jumping from Rykor to Rykor the physical stats can vary.
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Default Re: How to create the Kaldanes of Barsoom

Treat the Rykor as an Ally.

There are two subdivisions of this. You could treat it as a living creature, with IQ and Per and all that. But alternative, you could treat it as a living vehicle, giving it IQ 0 (only reflexive actions) and Compartmentalized Mind (Controls) to accommodate the Kaldane. It would still be bought as an Ally, but it would have no upper limit on points on which it was built.
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