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Default Re: How much attention do you pay to encumberance?

Originally Posted by gruundehn View Post
(...) In DF or MH perhaps the encumbrance rules should be ignored so the players can get to the fun of slaying the enemy(...)

We track Encumbrance to the very 0.25 bits outside and in game.

In my opinion much of what made D&D and DF fun is the management of resources, be it HP, be it spells, be it potions, be it rations or whatever else. Cutting those out is like cutting half of what makes the genre appealing.

Our warriors strive to increase ST not only to dish more damage when scoring a hit but also to be able to fully wear the shiny double-triple-layered full heavy plate set.

Sincerely it's a bit of book keeping and tracking to keep it all recorded and tracked, but we find it's fun the micro-management of it, along with character development.
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Default Re: How much attention do you pay to encumberance?

I usually track it in great detail outside the game, but run by feel during gameplay, so as not to stall the game.

When I'm a player (and as a GM I encourage my players to do this), I have a few "standard loadouts" eg a warrior with 1) Sword, Shield and underpants 2) Warrior in full battle gear (weapons and armour only) 3) Warrior in full adventure gear (as 2 but with survival pack). 1 will usually be unencumbered. 2 ideally light but often med, and 3 will invariably be med to heavy.

I also keep track of how close characters are to the next encumbrance level up. So if the priest in plate armour with shield and mace has just enough strength to be within lightly encumbered, I know to nail him with penalties of he picks up so much and an extra pebble for his sling.

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