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Old 04-27-2015, 11:26 PM   #1
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Default after 2.6 friendship ends.

I have a question regarding how the average player plays the game, or the intended way of playing based on rules. My friends and i love munchkin however the last time we played it i caused a ruckus and forbade the game from our parties and all future game nights till this is solved.
Question Context: During combat, a player kicks in a door and a monster hits the ground, normally we read the card in its entirety. Then player is ready to fight and starts counting 3-2-1. The other players then decide how that are going to Screw the munchkin fighting the monster, for the last few games me in particular have given them over 3 min to allow them time to plan there demise of me by the monster. Monster enhancers and curses fly and i am now unable to fight it. I then take a sec and play one shot cards to beat it. This is where i flipped the table and quit. They then demanded that they get another chance to throw enhancers to make me unable to fight. This is usually 10 min after a monster is drawn.
Question: How should we go about this?
I say that 3 sec after i read the card is fair give me my 3 sec rebutle after they throw down enhancers to let me aid myself. THEN TURN IS OVER MONSTER IS DEAD OR I RUN AWAY. thoughts please.
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Old 04-27-2015, 11:54 PM   #2
Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: after 2.6 friendship ends.

First, the "2.6 seconds" part of that rule is meant as a joke. The actual rule is "a reasonable time," which is somewhat intentionally vague. If you flip a monster and immediately say "3-2-1 dead," that's unreasonable; the other players get to read the card, hear who's winning, and decide whether they want to act. On the other hand, you don't have to allow 10 minutes for them to decide what to do; that's also not reasonable.

Generally, when I play, I will assess the situation, declare, "OK, I'm winning 15 to 12" (or whatever), and then say, "Does anyone want to stop me? One [pause] two [pause] three. OK, the monsters are dead."

Here's where you are getting tripped up. If someone else screws with me, I get a chance to react, but it resets the counter, and yes, they can continue playing cards to try to get me to lose the fight. It's a back-and-forth until they can't stop me from winning or I realize I can't win and have to Run Away. There's no "OK, you had your chance to play cards last time" rule.

Does this help clear it up?
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Old 04-28-2015, 07:39 PM   #3
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Default Re: after 2.6 friendship ends.

It helps but it means that there is no rule and is up to house rules. Which means majority rules. This really did help it hammers home that counting down is very important, and keeping track of the "reasonable time" is key to making the game fair.
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: after 2.6 friendship ends.

While there may not be a specific rule as to the exact length of time, at least it is clear that the "reasonable time" resets any time you are winning the combat, so if you are winning, and others do stuff to stop you from winning within a "reasonable time", then you do something else so that you are winning again, they get ANOTHER "reasonable time" to respond to that.
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