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Default Sparkly Good Fairy question


I recently bought the Game Changers expansion, and a question came up.
Say no Fairy Dust (FD) cards have been touched throughout the game and the SGF is killed normally; the munchkin then procceeds to gain two levels, four regular treasures and two FD cards. The rest of the FD cards are then put on the top of the treasures deck, and will be treated as regular treasures from that point on.
That being said, help me with the following situation: if, on the next turn, the SGF is ressurrected by a cleric (or by any other means) and successfully killed again, and at the top of the treasures deck lay all of the FD cards (except for the two looted by the previous player), what will the munchkin get?

a) 6 FD cards (which would be the full prize, 4 treasures + 2 FD, since FD cards are now treasure cards);
b) 4 FD cards (which would be only 4 treasures, since the FD deck doesn't exist anymore);
c) 4 treasure cards + 2 FD cards (as stated on the card);
d) 4 treasure cards (I think this is the least likely answer, but If I was sure I wouldn't be asking).

EDIT: Another situation came up... (not related to the previous one)
Say a male munchkin is facing an Amazon. He asks for a female munchkin to help. The Amazon won't fight and leaves a treasure behind.
In this case, does the helper get a FD card for "helping" on a REALLY BRIEF combat? Or not, because there was no combat at all?

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Default Re: Sparkly Good Fairy question

Since I haven't had my pre-coffee yet, I'm only willing to answer the second question and make the statement that we prefer one question per thread, or possibly a few related ones. It helps when there's one question with a descriptive title that matches the question, as it makes both members searching for previously given answers to their questions, and it helps us moderators find previously given answers so that we can be consistent. Given that the Sparkly Good Fairy and Fairy Dust cards are part of your second question, there is at least some relationship.

Once I've had some time for looking at the cards (and rules) in question, I'll have an answer for your main question.

However, with respect to the Amazon: The female player did help, since the Amazon was defeated (the combat didn't result in the players having to Run Away), so she would get a Fairy Dust card.
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