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Default Help/Thoughts on a THS Adventure for A Convention

Below is an idea for a Convention game that has been churning around in my head. It starts with the description that would be posted with the signup sheet. What do folks think?

The Transhuman Space setting is a hard science (no known physical laws are broken) setting with genetic engineering (human genetic upgrades, transgenic parahumans, and biogenesis formed bioroids (biological androids, assembled from cloned tissues)), nanotechnology manufacturing, cybernetic implants, biological to digital interfaces, artificial intelligences, and digital consciousness (there is NO Faster-Than-Light travel, reactionless drives, psionics, or aliens). The date is January 1, 2100.

Your characters are prototype state-of-the-art bioroids being developed by a secret organization for surveillance, sabotage, and assassination. You have enhanced physical and mental attributes, cybernetic implants, and advanced training in surveillance, infiltration, demolitions, and combat. But your batch has been scheduled to be tested to destruction, to plan the next generation bioroids, starting next week. You have a long four day holiday weekend to develop and execute a plan to escape your fate. Can you do it?

Did I mention your bioroid forms are that of small woodland mammals: raccoons, possums, armadillos, hedgehogs, weasels, flying-squirrels, skunks, porcupines, and otters?

Option 1: Transhuman Space – Over the Hedge
Option 2: Transhuman Space – The Escape
Option 3: Transhuman Space – Over the Hedge: The Escape
Option 4: Transhuman Space – The Escape: Over the Hedge
Option 5: Transhuman Space – …?

The idea came from the vignette on page 90 of GURPS Bio-Tech (thanks to Vicky for reminding me where I saw that). The characters are different Neo-animals. They will have implanted encrypted communicators (which one of them figures out how to enable unknown to the humans around them) that will allow them to talk among themselves and knowledge of security measures, guard routines and other information necessary to generate their escape plans.

So I will need templates for each of the creatures, map of the facility, the security measures in place, and list of knowledge items that different characters will know (including the way to access the secure comms, different elements of the security plans, and an outsider who will hide them once they get out).

Am I missing anything?

Anyone know where I can find templates for creatures other than the Neo-Coons?


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