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Default Adventure Time Munchkin: Request for ruling to a specific situation

Hi, this is a question related to a situation that happened in Adventure Time: Munchkin.

1: Player A kicks open the door to reveal "Curse! De-Corpsinated" (player needs to make a runaway roll, if he fails, he suffers the bad stuff of the top most monster) - I think I read a rule that I can't quote the cards so I summarised (??)
2: Player A rolls a '1'
3: Player A now has to suffer bad stuff of top-most Monster in Door discards.


Can player B, who has "James Baxter" (If a player fails a runaway roll, James Baxter can be discarded to cancel bad stuff and all players draw a face up treasure card) in play as an ally, help Player A by discarding James to cancel the Bad Stuff?

Players who said this was legal: The wording on the card says "If a player has just failed a runaway roll..." and NOT "If YOU.." so this means that the player who owns "James Baxter" can use it's effect to help other players.

Players who said this was not legal: Player B cannot use "James Baxter"s effect to help Player A you can only use "James Baxter"s effect for yourself (player who owns "James Baxter"). Additionally, it was mentioned that even if Player B can use his "James Baxter" card's effect on another player, this was not legal because Player A did not suffer the bad stuff from fighting that monster but just from failing a runaway roll from the curse.

What is the official ruling for this situation?

Thanks for your assistance!
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Default Re: Adventure Time Munchkin: Request for ruling to a specific situation

A player could discard James Baxter to help any player, since that's what the card says, as worded. The wording of both cards allows the play of James Baxter in the situation you described.
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