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Default Re: Unending Game

Originally Posted by Kythan View Post
My munchkin games have never gone over an hour. I'd say my longest munchkin game was 40 minutes. Unless you count taking a food break and watching a movie and then coming back to the finish game and deciding after all that to call it a draw since you cant remember who's turn it was. In that case my longest munchkin game would have been a few hours.
Crazy. We play it mostly 4-5 players and the games always take over an hour and a half and usually more. Enough good players at the table will ensure that the game doesn't end quickly.
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Default Re: Unending Game

Munchkinomicon mixed with a player who "abused" the Thief's abilities resulted in an 8 hour game once. We no longer play with the Munchkinomicon and we remove all Thief cards if he's playing. Haven't had a game exceed an hour and a half since!
Josh Surfus
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