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Default Winning level block


We were playing a game tonight. Fantasy with expansion set 4 and 5. Four players were tied for level 9. The current player played a monster, in effect was going to defeat it. He thought he was going to win.

I had other plans. I laid down a card that says if somone thinks they are about to win the game, they go down a level instead.

My question is: Do they first lose the level, setting them back to 8 THEN kill the monster, putting them back to 9? Or do they simply go from level 9 down to 8? My argument was that that monster had been defeated, they were going to move their piece to level 10, but never reached 10 (because then the game is over). So my logic was that he lost the level from 9 to 8 and that was the end of it.

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Default Re: Winning level block

You're talking about the GUAL Make GM Snort Soda Out His Nose, yes? To use it the way you're suggesting, you would have to play it after he won the combat and was at Level 10, leaving him at Level 9. To my recollection, this might be the only card that can revert a game win, because normally, once a player is at Level 10, the game is over. Yes, there are other ways to prevent a game win, but this actually overturns one after the fact, if played immediately.
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Default Re: Winning level block

Thank you, sir. That makes sense. We had eventually ruled that he lost a level from 9 to 8, then killed the monster, ending combat, and him going back up to 9.

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