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Default Dumb Question

Sorry to waste time with such a dumb question but just want to make sure I'm playing right. Is there any limit to the amount of bonus cards I have in play at one time. Besides the "One of..." items such as armor, footgear...etc.

I am asking because it seems odd that I can have a Munchkin with a combat strength of 35 or so on table if I draw right cards. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Default Re: Dumb Question

There is no limit aside from only carrying one Big Item and only equipping up to the limits you mentioned. You can have as many items that don't have those restrictions (there are quite a few that don't require hands, feet, etc.) and you can have as many cheated items (assuming you have a Cheat card for each).

It is very possible to achieve combat strengths MUCH higher than 35. I've been in the 50's before without any one-shot items.
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Default Re: Dumb Question

You can carry any number of small Items. That means you can have in play Items you can't use, whether it's because you aren't the right Race or Class, or because you're already using the same type of Item that you can only use one of (e.g., Armor). Items you can't use must be turned sideways.
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Default Re: Dumb Question

Thank You for the help. Much appreciated
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