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Default Used only by... Enhanced items and Cheat cards


An Item is first enhanced by an enhancer (addon) card that limits it's use to specific race/class.

On the enhancer it is stated that it goes with the item if it is stolen or traded etc..

Can someone use a cheat card to use the enhanced item despite the limitation imposed by the enhancer card?

a sword is enhanced by a +2 usable by a cleric only. A thief steals the enhanced item. Can the thief use it with a cheat card?

Does it matter if the item is not stolen, but the original character is not a cleric and wishes to use the cheat to use it?
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Default Re: Used only by... Enhanced items and Cheat cards

Stealing an Item doesn't somehow change whether Cheat! can be used on it or not. Also, the wording of Cheat! is such that you can play it on any Item you have in play at any time, even if you could already use the Item. Granted, that's not entirely important to the question at hand, but at the same time it does speak to the fact that you can play Cheat! on an Item you can use without Cheat!, if you want to.

So, if you put an Item Enhancer that has a requirement/restriction on an Item, then that Item will have the requirement/restriction. Cheat! will get around that requirement/restriction, since that is its on-the-card defined purpose: It's designed to let you use (and in some cases, like Big Items, carry as well) an Item you normally couldn't, for whatever reason. As I said above, stealing the Item doesn't change its ability to have Cheat! played on it, nor does playing the Item normally.

As an extra, I'll point out that Cheat! does not ever stay with what it is played on when that Item is lost or changes ownership. I.e., a Thief can't steal an Item with Cheat! on it and expect to get the Cheat! card, too.
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Default Re: Used only by... Enhanced items and Cheat cards

Thanks, much appreciated for the clarification.
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cheat cards, item enhancer

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