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Default O r'lyeh? question

So we were playing Munchkin Cthulhu the other day and my friend kicked down a door and found a monster. He then played a plus three to his side. I want to play O r'lyeh? to force him to draw a replacement door. Does his just played card from his hand make it so i can't force him to replace his just drawn card? The card says just drawn "OR" just played so I would think these are separate options.
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Default Re: O r'lyeh? question

Once your friend played a card that became the last card that was played or drawn. O R'lyeh? doesn't give you a choice on which card you could cancel, but is intended to cancel the most recent card that was just-drawn or just-played. So, in the situation you described, you could cancel the +3 bonus card, but not the Monster, using O R'lyeh?.
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