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Default A few doubt i got.

Hello everyone I recently bought Munchkin Deluxe and played it for the first time last night, so I'm pretty new to the game. After playing it one time and analyzing some card here are some doubt's me and my friends came across.

1. If someone draw a divine intervention card and show it, I'm not a cleric but I have a cleric card in my hand, can I change my class to cleric and go up a level?
2. (I saw this on in the FAQ but I'm not sure if I got it right) Let's say I'm fighting a level 6 Pukachu and someone uses mate on it so now I'm fighting 2 level 6 Pukachu's, after that someone else uses illusion to swap the Pukachu for a Balrog, Am I fighting now 2 Balrog's or 1 Balrog and 1 Pukachu? And what happens to enhancers applied on them now?
3. Pukachu says you gain an extra level if you defeat it without using help or bonuses, does that mean I need to have nothing that gives me +X bonus before the fight or can I just say "I'm level 7 so I can defeat it without any equipment and gain 1 more level."? And does the +X from potions and others one-shot items count's as bonuses to?
4. When fighting a gazebo, does the "No one can help you." means no one can fight with you or no one can help you even with one-shot items?
5. If I play a Stoned Golem during Look for trouble or someone play's it as a wondering monster and I say I will fight him, and after saying I would fight him someone uses an enhancers on him so now I can't defeat him, can I still ignore him and walk past him even after I said I would fight? Or once I make the call that I will fight I need to roll the die to run away from him?
6. What happens to my item when someone kills my hireling with a "Kill the hireling GUAL" card? The hireling card says that if I lose him the item goes too, but at the rules for Half Horse Will Travel it says that if my hireling is killed I may loot his body, and at the deluxe rule it says that if the rule sheet disagrees with a card you should follow the card. I'm currently playing only with Munchkin Deluxe and this hireling is from that set (the munchkin expansions I bought will only arrive next week) but should I assume the text from the card is outdated and use the rules from Half Horse expansion or should I assume the card text overwrites the rules?

Sorry about my English, is not perfect but I thing everything is pretty understandable, everyone loved the game and we are probably going to play it again this weekend. And I'll probably have more doubts next week when the expansions and boosters that I bought arrive. :P
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Default Re: A few doubt i got.

1: no, Events would happen in the row as you said.
Divine Intervention must be played imediatly, it happends, after you decide to become cleric = no free leve for you.
If you decide to become cleric before opening that door you will raise.

2: mate multiples that monster (with bonus, enhancers,...), one of that pukachus would turn in a balrog with illusion, the other one would still be a pukachu. Enhancers and stuff are lost due illusion I'd say...

3: You need to win with no bonuses, so if you are level 7 (or 6 as warrior) you will get the bonus level. Potions an stuff (used for munchkin side) count as bonus.
About negative enhancers... No clue here, in that case the pukachu would drop to level 1... what about that case, anyone?

4:"no one can help you" means no one can do anything (to help you winning) in that combat - but still be able to enhance monsterside.

5: after your said to fight the golem, normal combat rules start, so normal run a way is needed.
you got the choice only before combat begins.

6: you can leave hirelings behind to auto-run-away, that way he/she dies and becomes unlootable, just logical thiking, he/she lies dead next to the monster you ran away from..
If he/she dies by any other reason he/she should be lootable by you I guess.

In any case, latest official rules
classic one:
other munhkin genre rules can be found on munchkin game sites.
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Default Re: A few doubt i got.

In the future, it will make things easier to break up your questions into smaller chunks. We prefer one question per thread, or a small group (2 or 3) of related questions.

Rather than correct any mistakes in the above response, I'll just answer all of your questions with the official answers.
  1. Events occur in order, almost always. You can't normally react to card being played unless the card you are using to react says you can (for example, Wishing Ring can be played to prevent a Curse from taking effect). This means that you can't decide to become a Cleric after someone plays Divine Intervention. There is an exception to that very specific case, and it happens only at the beginning of the game, when everyone is building their characters. We discuss that in the FAQ.
  2. A Mate is always continuously copying the Monster it was played on. If you play Illusion on a Monster and change it, you will change its Mate to a copy of the new Monster. If you play a Monster Enhancer on the original Monster after Mate was played, the Mate gets the Monster Enhancer added to its combat strength as well.
  3. What Pukachu is saying that if you have enough combat strength from your Level alone to kill it, then you get the extra level. Any bonuses, no matter the source, that are required to get you to the combat strength you need will cost you the extra level. So, you must be Level 7 or higher, to defeat an unmodified Pukachu. Obviously, a Warrior could be Level 6.
  4. Helping a player has a very specific meaning in the game. It means joining the combat and adding your combat strength to the fight. If someone wants to play cards from outside the combat that would help you (like a potion or a Monster Enhancer with a negative value, like Baby), that is allowed. What Gazebo won't allow is someone to actually join you in the combat.
  5. You can choose to ignore the Stoned Golem at any time during the combat. Nothing on the card indicates that the ability to ignore him is a one-time offer.
  6. The Hireling from Munchkin (Deluxe) and Munchkin 3 is a special case, since it has text on it that gives specific instructions. This means, for that card, you don't have to worry about the rules for other types of Hirelings that may contradict that card. But, it also means that if you lose Hireling, the Item goes, regardless of how that happened.
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