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Old 05-29-2014, 04:00 PM   #1
Join Date: Feb 2011
Default WTB/T: Looking for New Promos

Hi everyone. I'm hoping to either trade/buy some of the new promos that are floating around out there.

These are what I'm looking for:

Blank Monster Enhancer
Curse! Unjustly Accused
Evil Stevie Changes the Rules
Hireling: Cavalry Captain
Hireling: Hipster
Pub Knight
The 2015 Munchkin International Tabletop Day Dungeon of Superior Shopping
Go Down a Level

I have for trade the following CARDS:

Pen Dragon - (4 more Dragons)
Gummy Wyrm - (4 more dragons)
Drake - (4 more dragons)
Poof - (4 more dragons)
Most of the OOP 2010 and 2011 Warehouse 23 Exclusive Booster Pack Cards
Seasoned Greeplings
Swiss Passport
Play a Go Up a Level Card - Go Up a Level
Battering Ram
Ear Worm
Hare Spray
Penetrate Alien Disguise
Pitcher of cheap Beer

Warehouse 23 over-sized Dungeon Card
Gets Promoted (promo card version)
Step and a Half (B&W)
Cut in Line (Promo card)
Stacked Deck (Color)
Twisp and Catsby
BLANK - Go up a Level
...In a Booster Chair
Love Thy Neighbor
Cult Membership Card
Whilm of the Elder Gods
Blank Door Cards for Star, Cthulhu and Munchkin-Fu
Blank Treasure Cards for Fantasy and Munchkin Zombies

These are the coins I have for trade:

Bookmarks available for Trade:
Bookmark of Crafty Lkobold Kammoflage!
Munchkin Apocalypse Bookmark of Beast Buffing!
Munchkin Pathfinder Bookmark of Unrewarded Virtue!
Munchkin bookmark of Literate Looting
Smash Up - Bookmark of Smashing Success!

Legends Bookmark of Hidden Lore!
Adventure Time
Zombies Braaaaains!
Shelter Skelter
Her Majesty's Secret Circus
Gol-Darned Gunslinging
Cavalry Charges
Barbaric Bludgeoning!
Pathfinder Goblin Turkeys
Hexahedral Retrieval
Apocalypse bookmark of Re-Sealing
Half-Horsing Around
Holiday Cheer
Cheesy Promotional Bookmark of Power
Axe Cop Chopping off Heads
Quest Portable Respawning
Cthulhu Esoteric Empowerment
Booty Shipshape Sailing
Star Muchking Blatant Cheating
Several others not listed here.

Please PM Me if you want to trade or sell me the cards I'm looking for.
Thank you


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