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Default Super Munchkin Duplo Ray

If a Duplo Ray is use on a monster, does that technically make two monsters? We had an instance where the Duplo Ray was used on the only monster in play. The player battling said monster had the Rock of Repentance. Would that cancel the entire battle? Or would there still be a monster to fight?
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Default Re: Super Munchkin Duplo Ray

Duplo-Ray works like the card Mate from Fantasy, that you will find many more rulings on. Those rulings all state that a Mate is a different monster and can be affected by cards as a single monster, but as the card is an exact duplicate of the other monster, you usually affect the Mate rather than the monster so it's easier to keep track of things.

In the case of Rock of Repentance, this would move the Duplo-Rayed monster to fight on the good side, while the monster would remain on the monster side. Effectively, they would cancel each other out (both monsters adding the same combat strength to their respective sides, unless the original monster gets a bonus against one of the munchkins). The battle will continue.
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Default Re: Super Munchkin Duplo Ray

To add to the futility of trying to affect the combat, the duplicate would still get updated should someone play a Monster Enhancer on the original still on the Monster side, and the original would get copies of what's played on the duplicate. I'm also of the mindset that if the Monster is cheesed off by (i.e., gets a bonus), or afraid of (i.e., gets a penalty) your Class, that bonus/penalty might still apply to the other Monster. Time to get a second official opinion.

Either way, unless you're very low Level, and have no Items, you're most likely winning the combat, since the Monsters cancel each other out and you still have your own combat strength added to the fight.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Super Munchkin Duplo Ray

The bookkeeping required to track differing bonuses/penalties isn't worth the strain. The monsters cancel each other out.
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