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Default Easiest Way To Start Munchkining

Hi all. :)

I recently took an interest in Munchkin because the pack's cover art (especially Easter Eggs) amused me. Later on I found out this is more than a card game.
Bought the Easter Eggs and Pathfinder packs.

My question is which is the easier starting point for learning to play? Just with cards or use the board game. I know almost nothing about this game so please excuse my newbishness if this is a stupid question.
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Default Re: Easiest Way To Start Munchkining

Define what you mean by "board game." There's Munchkin Quest, which is actually a board game, or Munchkin Deluxe, which really is the card game with a tracking board and pawns. I don't know if that's considered a board game or not by SJG. If you're not familiar with Munchkin, I'd stick to one of the card game variants, which includes Munchkin Deluxe.
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Default Re: Easiest Way To Start Munchkining

The card and board games are separate things, even though they share many traits. (I should clarify that, when I say board game, I mean Munchkin Quest. There are Deluxe versions of the card game that come with a board, but it is only used for tracking levels.)

The card game is, I'm told, simpler to start with (I've never played the board game). To play the card game, you need to buy a Core Set. The booster packs, like Easter Eggs, are simply add ons to the base game. The Core Sets are the ones that come in a larger box and retail for $25 (at least in the US), or $30 for Deluxe versions (which include a board, and pawns, only for tracking levels).

EDIT: ninja'd, and by a better source of answers no less
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