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Mathew Dreitan
Join Date: Jan 2006
Default Need help with Corporeal combat

Ok well I have ran one adventure but I'm not sure if you add strength to your combat damage. Please explain this to me.
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Archangel Beth
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Default Re: Need help with Corporeal combat

A bare-handed attack's target number is Strength + Corporeal Forces. The damage is equal to the check digit, minus the appropriate penalty (p. 65, Contact Weapons box; punching has a penalty to Power), plus the appropriate bonus (skill greater than 4 and protection for hand), plus another bonus for supernatural (9+) Strength.

If kicking, there is a -1 to the target number, as well as the bonuses and penalties that punching gets.

If your target number is above 12, subtract 12 from it and add whatever is left to the check digit. Roll for the check digit and in case of Interventions. (So if you have a target number of 13, you add 1 to the check digit. If a target number of 15, you add 3.)

Or you can just roll under Strength + CorpForces and use the check digit straight; if you're not fighting humans much, this is probably simpler and is unlikely to unbalance matters. (If you use it for humans, especially in bar-brawls, it will squishify them a bit quickly.)

If you have a Large Weapon, your target number is the Large Weapon (mumble) skill + Corporeal Forces + Strength, minus any penalties for accuracy (such as an unbalanced weapon like a battle axe gives; Contact Weapons box, p. 65). The damage is the check digit plus any Power modifiers from that box.

If you have a Small Weapon, your target number is Small Weapon (mumble) skill + Corporeal Forces + Precision. Consult the Contact Weapons box (still p. 65) for bonuses and penalties to Accuracy (affects target number) and Power (affects the damage done).

Neither of these offer bonuses for superhuman strength -- you already have the lever-arm and slicey-dicey action going. If your character has a long, big, caveman club (or is deliberately using the flat of a longsword blade) and superhuman strength (defined as 9+), you could probably sucker the GM into allowing you to do some kind of "knockback" as well as damage, if your opponent isn't superhumanly heavy, and your check digit is high.

Does that help? The relevant stuff is on p. 65 (the contact weapon box) and p. 62, in the first two paragraphs under "Corporeal Combat," in the third (PDF) printing. (If you don't have the 3rd printing, you may need to check errata for the first and second (deadtrees) printings.)
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Mathew Dreitan
Join Date: Jan 2006
Default Re: Need help with Corporeal combat

Ok thanks for the information I was doing it right but was not sure about adding strength to damage now I Know so thank you very much.

I actually have the first print of the book ad now that you mention it I better look at the erratas.

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combat, rules

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