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Default Does -3 double if two people are fighting?

Say, for instance, Brooke is fighting a Level 16 Fenris. Fenris is -3 against Clerics. Brooke is fighting it and ask for help from another player. I offer help and she accepts. I am also a Cleric. Is it now -6 to Fenris or still -3?

Does this also happen for monsters that gain a bonus from certain classes or races? Like Level 6 Cerberus who gets +3 against Clerics. If Brooke and I were fighting against him and we are both Clerics, does Cerberus gain +6 and have and attack power of 12? Do all monsters with similar effects gain and lose attack power for each Munchkin that falls into the category?
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Default Re: Does -3 double if two people are fighting?

No. Those kind of bonuses and penalties do not stack. The rules for multiple players in a combat do address this issue:

Originally Posted by The Rules
. If you are facing Grendel and a Dwarf helps you, the monsterís combat strength is reduced by 3 (unless you are also a Dwarf).
The parenthetical statement implies, strongly, that once a penalty or bonus is applied, it does not get applied again if both players in the combat would get potentially get the bonus.
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