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Default Whats a Munchkin?

I have constantly herd this term used. Often with very different viewpoints on what exactly it means.

To me, I think Munchkin means someone who tries to excede the intended balance of a game or someone who Min/Maxes they're character to be extremely effective in a very narrow field while drasticaly reducing capability everywhere else.

Example 1: a fighter who is as strong as possible, wears the heavyiest armor possible, carries the biggest weapon possible, and has no other redeming qualities or storyline/roleplaying purpose. Munchkin

Example 2: a wheelchair bound character who has a child, requires frequent medical attention, is a pasifist, and is a extremely powerful psychic would not be munchkin in my openion as long as the campaign involved psychics.

The nature of its disadvantages means there is a lot of roleplayability in the character and some inherent dependency on the other PCs who are more physicaly capable. It would of course be totaly unacceptable in a game where mental powers are not part of the storyline in some manner.

How do you guys define Munchkinism? Examples would be apreciated. munchkin and non munchkin
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